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Four Elms Fruit Farm established its roots in Devon more than 50 years ago and has been run by the Smedley family since the early 1960s. Now into its third generation of family ownership, Four Elms continues to commit its investment in modern orchards and infrastructure, providing a sustainable future for apple production.

The Smedley's currently grow 14 varieties of apple. A range of 7 'Real Devonshire Apple Juices' and 3 'Real Devonshire Ciders' are also produced onsite at Four Elms. With many years experience in the industry the team's passion and dedication to quality has resulted in numerous champion places in 'The National Fruit Show' and 'Taste of the West' for Juice and Cider.

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Four Elms Fruit Farm take great pride in supporting the environment in and around the 70 acre orchards. Over the recent years Four Elms became an ambassador for the 'East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' and aim to educate and encourage the public to cherish the glorious area of East Devon.

Multiple areas surrounding the apple orchards have recently been planted with wild flower meadows in support of the troubled honey bees, butterflies and other pollinating insect species.

Over 40 thriving bee hives are nestled around the farm, each providing the indispensable pollination service to the orchards and surrounding area. The honey produced by these marvellous bees can be purchased direct from the 'The Apple Shed' located on site.

As well as bee hives, Four Elms is also home to numerous owl and bat species which live in boxes put up around the farm.

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