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The Smedley's currently grow 14 varieties of apple at Four Elms. Orchards are constantly being replanted to provide a sustainable future for apple production in Devon. The sandy soil provides superb growing conditions, this combined with the passion and dedication of the team results in apples bursting with flavour!

The main varieties grown on the farm are Cox, Egremont Russet, Bramley, Braeburn and Gala. Alongside these are also; Spartan, Jonagold, Falstaff, Discovery, Jupiter, Lord Lambourne, Katy, Michelin (cider) and Dabinet (cider).


Four Elms Fruit Farm are one of the few remaining apple growers in the country who are dedicated to using only home-grown, hand selected fruit. As a result the apples can be pressed at their perfect ripeness, producing an exquisite flavour!

The gently pasteurised juice is bottled on site and has a shelf life of 2 years. No water, sugars or preservatives are added to any Four Elms juice. Apple juice the way it should be.

The nurtured orchards and the teams devotion and experience has resulted in Four Elms Fruit Farm winning Champion status multiple times at Taste of the West and the National Fruit Show, alongside many other awards. (please visit the awards page for more information).


An intense juice reflecting the rich and slightly nutty flavour of the traditional Egremont Russet apple, producing a naturally sweet taste.


A rich full bodied apple juice, pressed from the finest dessert apples, producing a delightful moderately sweet juice bursting with flavour.


A popular blend of 2 superb apple varieties. The richness of Cox is perfectly balanced by the sharpness of the Bramley to produce an exquisite drink.

Available in 250ml & 750ml bottles.


A crisp and smooth juice, the braeburn apples produce a refreshing and tangy flavour.


A light refreshing juice made from our early season 'Discovery' apples, producing a crisp tangy flavour. A perfect juice to start the day!


The sharpness of Bramley produces a dry refreshing juice. Ideal for those who enjoy a zesty, tart juice.


A blend of pears and various varieties of apple, producing a sumptuous juice exploding with flavour.

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