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Real Devonshire Apples and Apple Juice   

Four Elms Fruit Farm are growers of a wide variety of premium quality apples and producers of multi-award winning apple juices. Established over 90 years ago, Four Elms Fruit Farm is now into its third generation of family ownership.

14 varieties of apple are grown on the 70 acre farm, including; Cox, Egremont Russet, Bramley, Braeburn and Gala.

Four Elms Fruit Farm produce a range of 7 multi-award winning apple juices, which are pressed and bottled on site near Sidmouth, Devon.

Farm News


The apple grading is fully underway! It seems to be a rather hectic season this year with a real monster apple crop. Grading takes place 5 days a week from the end of harvest until the middle of March. It's a stressful time as we must meet our targets or face a knock on effect at the end of season where fruit quality will be starting to drop. We aim to grade and pack between 4 and 5 tones of fruit a day. With a small team of local employees.

Running parallel to the grading is also the juice making. Mark presses apples 4 days of the week which are bottled and pasteurised on site here at Four Elms.

As well as growing 70 acres of orchard at Four Elms we also grow a small area of Christmas trees. Early December and the saws are out! A lovely selection of different varieties of low drop trees. You can even go and pick your own out if you wish!

2019 has arrived! Our new young apple trees have arrived as part of our sustainable orchard re plantation plan. To maintain high quality fruit and varieties which are desired we must on an annual basis grub orchards and replant. 2018 saw an area of Bramley orchards grubbed, the reason for this was the decrease in consumers buying apples to cook with. 

In their place will be a very nice clone of Braeburn called Marie Red. Like the name suggests a very deep coloured beautiful apple. The trees are currently planted in a 'group', awaiting their permanent location in the orchard. This task will be ASAP, likely March when the apples are gone and we have the time!!


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